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31 October 2010

Ynet: Condemnation in Egypt against the pacifist that was interviewed to Ynet

Condemnation in Egypt against the pacifist that was interviewed to Ynet
Maikel's Nabil Sanad, who refused to join the army and claimed to be pro - Israeli, his remarks (to Ynet) not welcome in the Arab world. Sites called his remarks ..."poisonous ideas and rebels" and "Christian propaganda", newspapers criticized him and groups opened against him on Facebook

Roee Nahmias
Released: 28.10.10, 02:21

Response didn't wait to come: Shortly after publication of the interview with Ynet young Egyptian pro - Israeli, Maikel Nabil Sanad, he won a rain of fire and brimstone from the media in Egypt and abroad.
In an interview given in the beginning of the week Sanad spoke again about his views of which he refused to join the army last Friday out of pacifist grounds, he testified on himself that he supports Israel and cast the responsibility for the conflict on the Palestinian side. as it was expected the for responses it didn't take long to rise.

The Egyptian newspaper "Al - Shorouk" wrote on Monday a certain essence of his remarks under the title "a young Egyptian who expressed his love for Israel and cast the responsibility on the Palestinian for the conflict". Sanad himself outraged by the publication in - Shorouk "it was translated in a tendentious (half-truth) manner and his words been distorted. He sent a sharp protest letter to the editor, in which he argued in part that "distorted words to incite public opinion against me."
Egyptian young published his letter on his personal blog. "Your report said that I see in Israel, a modern liberal state with a religious character. I do not know where the editor brought these things from, for an interview I gave I said Israel has a variety of religions (as indeed Posted - R. F). Who exactly said that Israel has a religious character? Why you bring things that I haven't said? ". Sanad resentful asked why they didn't publish his other statements including "I am a pacifist who believes that military service is a type of slavery."
Islamic sites were far more criticizing of Sanad. Hamas newspaper, "Al - Risala" reported to its readers that "Christian - Coptic expressed loyalty to Israel to avoid the draft."

the Report is based on the translation and reporting of Islamic Web site, "Mufakert al - Islam" reported that Ynet news is the" outrageous Zionist attempt to spread the ideas of Christian young man". They called Sanad's remarks as "poisonous ideas and rebels" and "Christian propaganda."
These reports and others made a series of wings from newspapers and Web sites and drag them hundreds of angry comments from readers. At the same time opened a group on Facebook titled "Against Maikel Nabil Sanad" which links to an interview with Ynet site in English. Even Facebook group set up by Sanad publication covering many deal in Egypt and the Arab world followed.

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