Maikel Nabil Sanad

08 July 2010


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Anonymous,  24/10/2010 17:09  

Hi Mikel,
you are a brave man :-)
send my regards to your people

take care!


Anonymous,  24/10/2010 17:22  

Salam alekum Maikel

I wish everybody were atheist liberal and peace lover like you are,both in egypt and israel.

If more people were like you we could have created a wonderful paradise in the middle east together.
our money would have gone to science and education and agriculture and not to more guns and missiles.
you are one of the most brave people I ever read about and I wish you to stay strong and safe and fight for your just believes against all evil.

your Israeli neighbour

p.s. good luck with your hebrew lessons! I also intend to learn more arabic soon..our languages are very simliar as semitic languages.

Anonymous,  25/10/2010 11:48  

world peace project from israel

Anonymous,  25/10/2010 11:52  

world peace project join us on feacebook

Stav is addressing the world with an important message:

We children, the future generation, want a better world to live in.

A world without wars, without racism.

This is why we must be involved and make an impact on our future.

Maybe in this way, we will manage to touch the hearts of leaders around the world, and make them take the path of peace.

Anonymous,  25/10/2010 12:17  

Salam Aleikum Maikel,

I was amazed to learn about you and your supporters in Egypt. Unfortunately most of the time we are exposed in the media only to the extremists in Egypt, and I believe this distorts the true face of the people.

I can imagine that maintaining your views is a daily struggle which takes a lot of courage and personal integrity.

I hope you succeed in your cause, and that many more will follow you in Egypt and in other arab countries, so that everybody in this tormented region can lay down their weapons, and build a joint future of peace and prosperity.

The overwhelming majority of people in Israel, whether left wing or right wing, eagerly await the time in which our lives will never again involve wars and conflict. People like you bring this time closer.

Best wishes of health and prosperity to you and the entire Egyptian nation.


Anonymous,  11/04/2011 19:36  

Greetings Maikel
I wish I could hear more about people like you from your part of the world. Although this occassion with you being charged and sentenced for blogging does not seem a very happy one. Wish you good luck and a lot of courage to withstand the trials that await you in the future. And I wish that the revolution which you, Egyptians, have started and which brought up so much sympathy around the world will not be stolen and will not end up in just another totalitarian regime with always the same people in charge and with always the same practices and policies.
Let God Be With You.
Czech Republic

Anonymous,  11/04/2011 20:01  

Dear Maikel,

Although I am a pacifist *because* I believe in Jesus (sorry), I strongly support your courage and conviction in advocating for human rights and democracy and trying to bridge the divide between Israel and her neighbors. I'm praying for your speedy release from prison.

Blessings from America.

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