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19 December 2012

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In which side is Israel standing? 
The army and the people wasn’t ever one hand
Selmyya .. Peacefully - Joint Statement considering the Egyptian Revolution
The Story of 2 Days I spent at the Egyptian Intelligence

Statement: I Would Not Serve in the Egyptian Army and I Bear the Consequences
Letter to The High Commissioner for Human Rights
Overview on: "No for Compulsory Military Service" Movement

The Time had judged
Facebook inactivates my account 
The keyboard is stronger than the gun
A terrorist threats me

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وليد العمراوي 18/12/2010 08:40  

واصل أيها الشجاع أنوه بعقلك العقلاني و المنطقي نعم الفرق بين النساء المتحررات في الغرب والجوار عندنا في الشرق كالفرق بين السماء والأرض و للعدل لا مقارنة اطلاقا بينهما

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