Maikel Nabil Sanad

09 July 2010

כתבו לי

אל תהסס לכתוב כל דבר אלי
אהיה שמחה בקבלת מכתביכם הפרטיים ולענות עליהם בקרוב


Anonymous,  24/10/2010 18:11  

wow, I just read about you in an Israeli major news website: Thank Goodness you are who you are. Be strong, it is not easy to go against, but it is easier when it comes from a loving heary. I wish more and more people from both sides will take example from you. Please take care of yourself. Israel is maybe far from perfect, but it is Democracy and we do get to say what we want where wver we want.

Yours truely,

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