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30 December 2012


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In Press - Everything about me in International Media

25 Oct:  Ynet: Egyptian refusenik: I'm pro-Israel
28 Oct: Ynet: Condemnation in Egypt against the pacifist that was interviewed to Ynet 
14 Nov: Ynet: Egyptian refusenik arrested, will receive service exemption 
23 Nov: Association Antiallemande Berlin: Eine Ehrenrettung des Pazifismus

10 Feb: Hebreo Semanario: Habla Opositor A Mubarak  
14 Feb: AVUI: Israel està preocupat per un dimoni imaginari
21 Feb: Graswurzel Revolution: Maikel Nabil Sanad braucht unsere Solidarität


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Mistaken whoever believes that in politics, borders can isolate nations. What happened in Tunisia resulted in Mubarak's end in Cairo, what happens in Syria & Iran decides who will lead the Knesset in Israel, and what's said in Tel-Aviv ....

Activists tortured and Killed by the Army, Even after Mubarak’s resigning (A study supported with documents)
Is The Egyptian Army Standing Beside the Revolution?

On 25 Feb 2011, the leaders of the European Bureau for Conscientious Objection (EBCO) and the No for Compulsory Military Service Movement (Egypt) met in El-Tahrir square in Cairo, and stated.... Read More

This time I’m writing in a different way because this is the first time I feel that I’m a victim, and the first time I would be insulted that much. I’m writing this time not to take revenge, but to let people know what would happen to them if this revolution failed. Our revolution will protect us from these actions to be repeated against me and all of you.

I can accept that I would be forced to lose my freedom, but I’m not ready to give it up with my own free will.

During the last months, I’ve send several letters to Egyptian officials, Asking them about my Right in Conscientious Objection from the Military Service. None of them replied to my letters, so I decided to go on talking with International Officials who could help me in my case

Overview on: "No for Compulsory Military Service" Movement
- We are an Egyptian movement, established on Facebook in 9th of April 2009; Against the Egyptian laws of military service... We aim to abolish Compulsory draft and replace it by optional conscription. More

The Time had judged
Judged on us
Judged to live dead
Judged not to feel love

It's our fate in Egypt to be attacked by our military government and the western democratic countries in the same time
In the last year the Facebook had become the most influencing site in the political and civil societies here in Egypt... Millions of Egyptians have accounts on Facebook ... And from the Facebook raised the invitation for 6th April strike which was …. Read more

The funniest thing you would hear about 6th April strike
Few days ago, I was talking to one of my friends who is a law student, and we talked about 6th April civil disobedience ... I was surprised when he told me that …. Read more

Yesterday ( 25-3-2008 ) , accurately at 11:29:22 pm , a strange number ( +2 0120259539 ) rang on my mobile phone ... I answered , it was a voice of a young man between 20 and 25 years old ... he asked me : " Are you Maikel ? " , I said " yes " , so he mentioned that he is a Moslem friend and refused to tell me his name , then he ordered ... Read more

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