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Takieddine's documents. Proofs of the french spying on the libyan net

Les documents Takieddine (20/20)
| Par Fabrice Arfi et Karl Laske

They were ables to spy the Libyan Internet. And they showed it. In 2007, the French company Amesys, a affiliate of the Bull's group, has sold an impressive spying electronic material to the Kadhafi regime trough the inevitable Ziad Takieddine. The operation, in wich certain details were classified "confidential defense", has allowed the French company to break in its products, marketed since as the programm "Eagle". And it also allowed the businessman, who claims these days to be received at the Elysée, to receive at least 4,5 millions euros from kickbacks, as releaved in Mediapart in the end of July.

P. Vannier P. Vannier© (dr.)
For Amesys' staff, the country they worked for received as a code-name " Candy's country ", well-known for this comics which features an orphan... All travels from Bull's management in Libya, including the current CEO of Bull, Philippe Vannier, was planned and organized by Ziad Takieddine

In the document preserved by the weapons dealer, the French company Amesys (ex-i2e) detailed to the Liyan authorities, end 2006, the extent of his ability to intercept email, instant messaging or any conversations on the internet.

To prove his effectivness, Amesys has included in his technical offer to the Libyan some traces of intercepations tests of mails in a laboratory at Pierre and Maris Curry's University, the Lip6-CNRS.

It reveals personal datas of exchanges between teachers, researchers and PhD students, exchange traces of MSN and Google's requests (see document below). A sample of spying which surprised and shocked teachers contacted by Mediapart. The Lip-6 specialized in network studies had assigned patents to the Qosmos company, itself a subcontractor of Amnesys until 2008.

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" Someone has placed a probe on the outlet pipe of the laboratory, commented by a professor of Paris X. This is a physical intrusion. ". " It's mind-blowing, tells an outraged PhD student of Lip6 now teaching in Paris 13. They've intercepted everything that goes in and what comes out of Lip 6. They intercepted my mails, and it's forbidden. " Qosmos would have secretly tested their probes on this laboratory. But no one explained why those traces have been included in a document submitted from Amesys to the libyan dictatorship.

Sold 12.5 million euros in 2007, the spying project on lybian internet users was named NSA (" Network Stream Analyser ") and is a part of a broader security programm (" Homeland Security Program ") which had active support from the french Minister of Interior at that time, Nicolas Sarkozy. It also included the delivery of a stealthed 4x4, which Mediapart already echoed.

Amesys trying to cover up the scandal.

Its architecture, detailed by Amesys, is based on the installation of a probe "sniffer" at the entrance of national network and the establishment of a database center traffic queries. "Datas are not filtered but fully saved", explained Amesys. The flows are "restored" after being "targeted" from keywords - up to 5.000 words.

Picture of Amesys' eavesdropping center Picture of Amesys' eavesdropping center

Journalists from the Wall Street Journal and the BBC have found this listening center after the fall of Tripoli - including posters on behalf of the French compagny - and the website Owni unveiled an operator's manual for the "Eagle" system, the final name of the spy system sold to Libya.

But Bull's group has argued that "the contract involved the provision of analytical equipment on a portion of existing Internet connections, that to say a few thousand." And that it "doesn't operate any phone call center nor internet communications at any point of the globe".

In the document below Amesys establishes just the opposite. Namely the spying of the country.


The scandal becomes dangerous for Amesys. Facing the revelations from Takieddine's case and information published on the occasion of the fall of the Libyan leadership Amesys decided to send registered letters to his former employees and ask them in advance to remain silent. Not hesitating to clearly suspect them to have contributed to the leaks.

"It has come to our attention that the technical, functional and commercial information that you had to know as part of your duties, were disclosed to third parties, including some medias, writes Nicolas Perry, HRD of Amesys. This information causes harm to our company image and considerable commercial domages, we intend obtaining redress."

In this letter, Amesys announces investigations on his employees and promises judicial actions: "Pending the finalization of the investigations currently underway, which should help identify the employees or former employees at the origin of those sinnings, we can only invite you to strictly respect your obligations."

The management of the French society forgets to mention that all developments in the case of Takieddine are between the hands of French justice. And the kickbacks paid illegally by the affiliate of Bull to the weapons dealer should also be subject to investigation.

Amesys NSA document (mirrored)

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